Sunday, 17 August 2008

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Well, the wonders of modern technology. Not only do I manage to get WiFi on the train, which enables me to order three seasons of NCIS on DVD from Amazon (cough - well its not my fault that Channel Five keep showing them in a crazyass order and getting me confused) which of course means I can enjoy Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs whenever I like :-) and pick up fashion tips from Abby. Sweet. (I am having a serious NCIS!Love phase at the minute, and TOTALLY shippin' Abby and Gibbs. So cute.)I didn't order season 4, it's twice the price so I'll leave that one for a while. It looks like season 2 is being repackaged so I've had to pre-order it, which means the whole shebang probably won't arrive until early September due to Amazon's technique of delivering the whole lot together. Boo. Well, best things come to those who wait...I hope :-)

I'm now sitting in my hotel room, in Holborn, cursing the stupid non-smoking laws and the English Sunday trading regulations (Scotland have this one nailed) which means Sainsbury's down the road is shut. This means I am having to moderate my tea intake to ensure I have some for the morning. Not good. The place I'm staying is actually a little studio apartment type thing, which isn't too bad. Fold-out bed though, not sure what that's going to be like...oh and a big thanks to my employers, who obviously haven't got this whole hotel thing straight yet - I've had to pick up the £500+ bill to claim back. Thank the Goddess for credit cards is all I can say.

I don't really want to be here in all honesty. I'd rather be at home tucked up in my own bed, but I got to do this training so I'm sucking it up and dealing with it. Got my big girl pants on. I brought my knitting, but sitting squished up on the train with a funny (and very hard) armrest has made my left elbow ache like nothing on earth, so maybe I need to lay off it tonight. I did get quite a bit more done on the Sonnet, and a good chunk of the first charity hat of the new season on the train, so not too bad.

I've got tomorrow morning free, and I need to find a branch of HSBC, I have a cheque to pay in, and, guys? "World's Local Bank"? Not in friggin' Scotland you ain't. Sort It Out. I'd swap, but First Direct are so darned good I don't want to. Can someone invent a way of paying in cheques over the internet please? Other than that, I shall probably go for a wander. From tomorrow afternoon though, that's me getting totally headf*cked by some major intensive systems admin training. W00t. By Weds pm my poor brains will probably have imploded. It's a good thing though, I need this to really start getting my teeth into the job.

Well, that's me, off to mah bed. Been travelling since 12.30, so its time to turn in I think.

Night all.


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