Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Blimey I just twigged. Its one year to the day since my first post. *gulp* things have changed a bit haven't they?

At the risk of upsetting someone who may still be reading (if so, apologies, but d'you think you should really still be reading?)

I'm so much happier. There's still one really major thing I'm NOT happy about in my life, but its out of my control and if I can keep my patience it will get sorted eventually. I'm finally fulfilling the ambition of living in Scotland, and I love it. Apart from the rain, but, well, that wasn't really unexpected. I have a new job which is looking promising, early days yet but I'm liking the place and the people which is a good start - and the money's good! I have a great house, it has its drawbacks (like the leaky roof!) but the peace and location more than make up for it. Now all I need is to work out a way of making more hours in the day, and perfect the process of self-ironing clothes.



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