Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Now with Added Furniture!

Furniture delivery this evening, whilst dodging the flying ants boiling out of the patio (ick ick ick)

We haz a table!!!

And it's flippin' enormous. Six feet by three and a half, and it weighs a ton. Wow. I've been asked to look after it, and make sure the sun doesn't fade it - which is kind of amusing as it was stored in a filthy garage buried under piles of junk. However, I will of course look after it. A tablecloth will be purchased, or possibly sewn from scratch (it is a biiiiiig table) and I'll get some of that waterproof-faced felty stuff to put under it. Apparently this table came out of the castle - I can totally believe it, it looks like it should have pewter plates and a big dribbly candlestick in the middle. And maybe Vikings sitting round it with a whole roast hog. Either that or it should be in a Meatloaf video.

Also delivered is an equally weighty chest of drawers:

as yet unfilled, I'm busy admiring it just now. Apologies for the shockingly bad photograph :-) This is also a lot bigger than it looks. I'm just waiting for some chairs now and I'll be well sorted.

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