Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A Good Day

Well done America. I'm proud of you.

Also? Thank the Goddess all that's over. We might get the rest of the news now. Not that I watch it very often, its too depressing. I did flick it on this morning for an election update though. It's been a pretty good week in a lot of ways, Lewis Hamilton won the F1 World Championship (go Lewis!) and I found a penny at the railway station this morning which means Good Luck for me. It would be handy, I must admit, I could do with some. Apparently Saturn and Uranus are doing interesting stuff, astrologically speaking, which is apparently A Good Thing and heralds Change and similar stuff. Or something. It all sounds good anyway.

In other news:

I am a year older. Yep, it was birthday time again. I think I have crow's feet now. I also reverted to my teenage years and bought myself a new pair of 8-hole Doc Martens and a teeny punky tartan skirt. This is all part of my long-term plan of growing older in as disgraceful a manner as humanly possible. I have decided that I generally don't give a hoot what other folks might think of me, what I do, who I hang with, what I wear or what I look like. There are only a very few people whose opinion on me I truly value, and they are the people who I think would be supportive whatever. Unless I dyed my hair green. That might not sit too well. Maroon would be pretty good though... ;-)

Right enough self-examination. Knitting continues apace, Dad's sweater is progressing reasonably well, one sleeve is nearly there and the body is a little bigger than when we last spoke. It's a bit of an asskicker though, all that grey stocking stitch. So I cast on for a scarf for me as a little light relief, in smooshy brioche stitch (love that stitch). I went stash diving, with the intention of digging out some Mirasol for it, but three balls of Rowan Big Wool jumped out of the box and insisted fiercely that they would make a much better scarf. So I succumbed to their insistent Yorkshire brogue and cast on. One snag.

It's grey...


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