Saturday, 8 November 2008

Chop chop

Well, I was very brave on Thursday. I bought a chainsaw. An electric one, before you all swoon with amazement at my upper body strength and mad machine-handling skillz. I had a busy day a week or so past, and I went logging:

But the problem is, I have a decidedly dodgy elbow, which has been brought on shovelling coal, sawing logs and chopping kindling. (Nothing to do with knitting. Nope. Definitely. Shut up at the back.)So bowsawing that lot was pretty much out of the question - and no I don't have a burly, axe-wielding, log-chopping, kilt-sporting hunky Scotsman around (unfortunately) so a chainsaw it is.

Well, I can report I have all my fingers, limbs and other appendages intact, and I have a nice heap of kindling and logs to show for my efforts. Its darned noisy though, so I'll be purchasing a visor and ear defenders pretty soon, along with chain oil - the blasted thing drinks the stuff and Bosch were not exactly generous when they included it in the box!

Well I know you're all gripped by my adventures living a more simple, rustic life, but onto fibre-y pursuits. :-)

Dad's sweater update: One sleeve COMPLETE apart from hem (yay) I just hope its long enough / not too long... I've cast on the second sleeve and I'm about 2" into it already so I'm quite pleased, I shall do a little more tonight then pick up the body and get another chunk of that done. I'm putting short rows in the back to stop it riding up. I've not got a picture because, well, it looks pretty similar to all the others - grey stocking stitch :-) I've resisted casting on the Noro that I picked up in Glasgow, even though there are four extra skeins sitting on the dining table looking alluringly at me. Swines. The big brioche scarf is nearly done, a few more inches then I shall do a fringe and its finished. Big Wool is unbelievably quick compared to a mansize DK-weight sweater!

Although the sewing machine has been returned, having had a lovely break in Ayr from which it has come back well rested and refreshed, I have resisted the call of the Quilt so far. I did have to hide the sewing machine in the other room though. I keep telling myself that I do not have nearly enough fabric yet, I don't have a design in mind and I don't have the spare cash to splash on more material just now. Also I have seen a bitchin' purple coat in Glasgow, sort of brocade fabric, cut in a peacoat or slightly military style, that I have a serious penchant for, that I may have to go and buy next week so... :-)

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