Thursday, 13 November 2008

Well this week has flown so far. I think this is down to my advancing years, my mother did warn me this would happen :-) Appraisal with the boss went well, he seems a happy bunny so that's good, the yarn money should keep flowing. Also I may be getting to spend some time over in Edinburgh, which is of course the home of K1's other shop and MCA...and of course Tynecastle where I shall have to go and pay my respects. So that might be rather good...apart from getting there which will be an almighty pain in the rear. One hour to Glasgow, then a trip across to Queen Street then the express across which takes about 1/2 an hour I believe. Oh well.

The Dad sweater is progressing well, it accompanied me to Knit Night where suitable sympathy was expressed at having to knit a 48" jumper in double knitting. One sleeve is completely finished, with the phoney seam added, the body is at about 10" long and the second sleeve is about 4" in. So it's going fairly well. I'm not going to say too much as I do not wish to arouse the ire of the knitting gods :-)

I finished a woolly hat for myself (I'll put the pictures in later, I'm at work just now) - I admit, this was going to be for charity but I liked it so much I'm going to keep it and I've already cast on for some (vaguely) matching mittens. Yarn is Wendy Fusion in Allspice (I think) on a 5.5mm needle. I'll have to knit a replacement for the Mission to Seafarers. Fortunately hats are ideal commuter knitting so I should be able to knock one out pretty quick, then I really must get them posted off.

Excitement planned for the weekend - a Stash Sort, to check for m*ths and just generally reacquaint myself with the lower strata, and if I get chance I might pop up the road to a quilt exhibition. Not that I'm going to start on that just now. Absolutely not. No. *whimper*


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