Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I iz still here

Nothing much to report to be honest. Things are quiet, some knitting has been finished (I'll have to come back later with the pictures) the cat is well, I still have a job (though for how much longer is anybody's guess, I am now officially past caring) and the weather is typically West Coast of Scotland in January - i.e. wet, very windy and flippin' freezing.

I finished off the sofa-snuggling blanket in Big Wool, based on the table mat pattern from the vintage needlecraft book. A 10-stitch knitted-on garter border really finished it off nicely even though it was a soul-sucking horror to work - not difficult, just very lengthy!

I finished off (again) the Sheepy Yoke sweater, in the Pure Sheep Breeds, which is deliciously warm but not exactly baby-soft, just so you know. I had to reknit the bottom considerably longer as I obviously cannot count or measure to any degree of accuracy whatsoever. I may add a bit to the sleeves yet as well. I think it shrunk in length ever so slightly when washed, which I didn't pick up on at the swatch stage. Live and learn. It's still very nice and went down well at Knit Night, though my fleece now smells faintly sheepy.

I've picked up the Must-Have Cardigan again, after a hiatus of about 4 months (!) Knit four rows then realised I'd had a major brainfart on one of the cables before putting it down and ended up ripping back to sort it out. So I knit four, ripped five, and I've now knit about eight rows so I'm finally ahead again after about four days. Sigh. I still love the yarn (New Lanark aran in Woodland) and the stitch definition is delicious so I guess I still have some enthusiasm for the project. Just hope it lasts as far as seaming it...

The cat left me a little present last week of something decidedly dead and disembowelled, no idea where he'd left it as I only discovered it once it was stuck to my right boot. Forunately I was still outside at the time chopping logs, rather than with my feet up in the house. It is also fortunate that I am not vegetarian and also am used to the cute little ways of cats, as I had to stand on one leg and scrape a bloody, furry, squelchy mass off my boot. How sweet.

Did y'all see the freight train at Stewarton in Ayrshire that derailed and turned into a fireball? Whew. Lucky driver to get out of that one. I'm just filled with joy at the thought of my daily commute though. There's quite a lot of bridges you know.


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Caroline M said...

I followed you from the Harlot's blog because I was also brought up on 2ply, 3ply, 4ply, dk and aran. I've not read all your archives, just a few of the old posts (past my bedtime dontyaknow) but I feel guilty enough to comment. I used to live in Stafford, my SIL lives in Tamworth and I've met one lady that you've bought yarn from (Joanne, Shunklies).