Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Opting out and cats

ETA - it's "De-Lurking Day" today - so say hello, will ya?

Reading Laurie's blog this morning, I think she has a point about the recession. Worrying about it will have no effect whatsoever on the outcome. Not worrying about it means I can sleep at nights and have a reasonably positive approach to life. I have therefore decided that the recession can do whatever it likes without me. I'm opting out. My investments (such as they are) are plummeting, my savings account is pitiful, but hey. It will recover. Petrol's dropped in price, I have a job (at the moment anyway) I'm unlikely to starve any time soon and I am in reasonable health, as are those nearest and dearest. If the worse happens and I am laid off (not impossible) I could always go back to Mum and Dad's. I actually think my Dad would quite like that! Not sure how I would cope but that's why the pub was invented :-) Hopefully it won't happen, but you know, I'm not gonna fret over it. I would rather save my energy for getting over this nasty flu-type thing that I've contracted (honestly, I have not been this consistently ill for YEARS) and using mind-power to get rid of the utterly hideous cold sore I've got which is making half of my top lip expand like Action Man's rubber dinghy. I'm going to concentrate on getting my appetite back (I've barely eaten for two days) then on improving my immunity. I'm going to think about knitting and crochet projects instead of worrying about the FTSE. I want to paint more, not watch the news in paroxysms of fear.

So sue me.

Here's a gratuitous cat picture, just to prove I have a new friend:

Ain't he cute? I let him in the house today for the first time, he seemed a bit freaked by the whole experience! I think he's maybe more of an outdoors kind of cat, which works for me as I don't have a catflap or litter trays or, well, anything really. Also I have a feeling he's totally going to play with yarn, so maybe he's best just making supervised visits inside :-)


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