Saturday, 28 February 2009

New Uses for a Crochet Hook

or "Ah yes, now I remember what having long(er) hair is like."

Yep, new use for crochet hook #273 - De-squicking the Bathroom Plughole. Mmmmm. I can of course only blame myself, He Who Shall Not Be Named is not here that often so cannot really be blamed for plughole fur.

Apart from my plumbing issues, I realised that February has been a very spendy month. March will not be...however, I do have new lovely swag to share. A flying visit down south meant a detour on the way home, via New Lanark:

Nom nom. Limestone and Bramble DK for a Norwegian-style sweater, and 1000g of Donegal Aran Tweed for...something. Dunno yet. It's tweed, okay? Do I need any other reason? I also snaffled up a few balls of Sirdar Tweedie in Stafford, which is rather nice and not squeaky at all. I also grabbed a couple of balls for swatching at Cotswold Needlecraft, one of Sirdar Balmoral a wool / alpaca / silk blend, which is very nice indeed, and one of Patons pure merino which did not charm me immensely. I think it's the method of construction, I simply don't like the multi-end yarns. I have a ball of Stylecraft Pure Merino which is virtually identical to the Patons which I also didn't like very much.

I also stocked up on reading matter:

The Fair Isle book there is one that was brought to our knit night a couple of weeks ago, and I was smitten by all the charts. Some of the colour combinations are truly horrific mind you. I got my copy second-hand from Amazon, it's out of print, and only paid a couple of quid. Bargain. The Nicky Epstein is also inspired by Knit Night - Ange, you are such an enabler. Stop it already. I actually picked this one up at Borders in Glasgow a few weeks ago. It is lush.

In other news...spring has sprung.

I didn't plant these, so it's a lovely surprise to have them popping up. I'm guessing they're "Tête-à-Tête" or a similar very dwarf variety.


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