Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Nibbled by Zombies

Sorry, another month has passed and I am a bad blogger. June already. I've been up here in Scotland about a year! I can hardly believe it. And would ya believe, I'm sick again. My neck has swelled up to icky proportions on one side, enough to send me scuttling to the doctors in horror of glandular fever or swine flu or the plague or summat. Typical quack - reckons I've got an infection, or possibly a dodgy tooth, or maybe a bite. Or maybe she doesn't really give a fuck. Pah. I reckon I've been bit by a zombie. Sods get everywhere.

Project Spectrum has fallen somewhat by the wayside - I just can't get excited about yellow. I'm trying real hard but it's not working. Also...the weather's been nice! Fabulous in fact. I'm having to water the garden. It can't possibly last, so I've been making the most of it so crafting has taken a bit of a back seat. Also, I found a new time-suck - Folia. It's like Ravelry for gardeners. Great fun, and I've found that their database has at some point been fed some rather out-of-date info on my favourites, Rhododendron. So I'm busy updating and correcting information on the genus and learning lots at the same time. Yes, I am a geek. A taxonomic geek at that. Well, I like things to be right, you know? It's keeping the "I wanna be a gardener!!!" vibes calmed quite nicely at the moment.

I also had to invest some fairly serious time tidying up. Because I had a visitor! Yay me. I get very few visitors (feel free to be sympathetic at this point) so it's a bit of a treat but means I have to make the place look presentable. Jules is one of mah bestest buddies (i.e. he's one of the few people on the planet who can actually tolerate me for long periods) and my former boss. He's only been trying to get up here since January, but bearing in mind his history of punctuality, May wasn't too bad considering. (Ohai Jules! *grin*) He wasn't staying here (I think he's worried I might keep him) so at least I didn't have to try and elbow enough room out of the spare bedroom / sewing room / painting studio to accommodate the airbed :-) instead he stayed at the Seamill Hydro down the road where we had a very nice dinner on Friday night. Jules - you can come up any time if you bring the sunshine with you like this time, and if you take me out for dinner :-) I don't get out much these days y'know.

Meet Jules' very unsubtle car:

Cool innit?

And we went to Largs on Saturday, enjoyed the sunshine (next time Jules, tell me when my back is going pink, ok?) and stuffed ourselves at Nardini's before coming back and stuffing ourselves again at the local restaurant Chu-Chus. I haven't eaten so much in weeks.

Look! Sunshine! (This is Jules on a work call. While he's on holiday. *sigh*)

So a jolly, if rather fattening time was had by all.

And next's the UK RAVELRY DAY!!!!! Lock up my credit card someone.


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knitty_kat said...

don't zombies usually take bits instead of leaving them? Maybe it's an alien! ;-)

Sounds like you had a fab visit!