Sunday, 14 June 2009

Spinster of This Parish

Oh dear. I have seriously fallen into the spinning quagmire. I think it's been brewing for a while, to be honest, but the opportunity of squishing fibre in the flesh at the Ravelry Day means that the burgeoning interest has now blossomed into an all-out fetish. Hee.

First do you want to see what I got in Coventry? Course you do. Yarn porn is always welcome, right?

Gulp. There's rather a lot there isn't there? In amongst that lot there is some lovely slubby linen from Knitting4fun, some linen laceweight from Artisan Yarns, sock yarn from Lilith, Babylonglegs sock and fibre, The Knitting Goddess lace and sock, Jamieson and Smith jumper and 2-ply lace and Shetland tops, 8oz of merino roving from Frabjous Fibres via Artisan Yarns, a batt from Rockpool Candy and Castlemilk Moorit / alpaca / silk from the Natural Fibre Company. Phew.

Rav day was excellent fun, apart from the appalling weather and the fact that there were no spinning wheels to play with and very few spindles. I actually spent slightly less than anticipated (grin) so I decided that what I really really needed was some new spindles. Helllloooooo Etsy! Two cute top-whorl spindles are now winging their way over from the good ol' US of A. I couldn't wait for them to arrive, so I invented my own lightweight version (my only other spindle weighs a ton):

Yep, that's a jamjar lid. Works a treat, once I'd slathered the join in Araldite anyway. So all this spinny stuff means I fell over in Lilith's yesterday, and bought some Wensleydale, Massam and Shetland, and I got a squishy parcel from World of Wool with BFL, Suffolk and Icelandic tops to play with. I'm already spinning up the Suffolk :-)

I'm still not a great spinner, but I've cast on a shawl in all this nice bulky handspun I had laying around, just to prove it can be knitted into something!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go water the garden (it hasn't rained properly for about three weeks now - I think the world may be ending) and then that nice Suffolk top is calling me back to my spindle...

Oh, and Hi Ange! I have a follower! *blush* hee hee



Anonymous said...

Strewth... Just take the plunge and get some sheep!!! It will be cheaper... Lol Jules

knit1girl1 said...

Blimey, you did get a lot in Cov. If you ever feel the need to de-stash any of it you know where I am hee hee:)