Saturday, 27 June 2009

Random on a Saturday

Thank God and all his angels, it's the weekend again. Hoo-bloody-ray. The last couple of weeks have sucked most mightily in some ways, which I'm not going to discuss in detail but involve the Man In My Life and also work being very weird. Meh.

So, when all seemed rather grey and miserable, and things were all getting a bit much to be honest - you know, when you're staring out the windows looking for a car that never comes and missing your Mum and wondering what the hell is HAPPENING with your LIFE, DAMMIT, Mother Earth decides to take pity on you and send you a wee reminder that whilst all may be going to shit, there is still good stuff. You just got to look for it.

Sometimes Mother Earth is not so subtle :-) This is her basically going postal on my lousy ass and informing me to cheer the hell up and get over myself (and maybe a few other things too.) She's been sending me awesomely cute baby birds too. Awwwwww.

It's actually not been a bad week in some ways. My landlord dropped me round a bookcase (finally) which is already full and I need more...Yes, my name is Helen and I have a book acquisition problem. Bite me. At least I don't waste my money on drink and high living and unsuitable men. Well, not much anyway. Also my neighbour, along with Colin the handyman, kindly strimmed all the side path and the wild bit of my lawn with a big petrol strimmer so I'm not looking for David Bellamy in the back garden any more.
I had to move my car for them while they did the front (so they didn't ping up a stone and chip it - very thoughtful I thought) On getting out of the car, Colin's adorable big daft collie (which had been rounding up the car while I moved it) immediately bounced on me, knocked me back into the car, pinned me against the wing, vigorously humped my leg and slobbered all over me. It's good to know I'm still desirable, even if it is by another species. It's been a long time since any species thought me worthy of pinning up against something and humping. *sigh*

So amidst being ravished by collies and having rainbows thrown at me, I completed my first spin-to-knit project. Ta-daaaaaaah:

Cosmicpluto's "Simple but Effective Shawl" worked in various bits of my own spindle-spun and some leftover Shunklies handspun. I just unpinned it this morning and need to trim the ends and it's all done. Waaaarm and snuggly.

I've picked up the green ripple afghan again in a drive to get at least something out of Project Spectrum. I want to do Girasole, by brooklytweed, for Yellow / East, so I need to pull my finger out! I also still want to work a green vest. I think PS is going to last a long time for me :-) Lucky it's not a race.

I finally managed to go for a walk with the camera. I hate this camera with a passion (Fuji S5700) it's TERRIBLE in low light but outdoors it does a pretty good job. I still want a DSLR but it will have to wait until I've seen off the electricity bill of doom that I received. Ouch. I'm not sure how the hell I afforded the winter, what with the coal I had to buy as well. I shall have to knit more sweaters and some nice warm socks I think. Anyway, my walk. Here's a few snaps of Scotland when it's not raining:

The lane that leads up to my house, planted with beeches.

Some elderly tree-graffiti

The original gatepost to the farm, at the end of the old access road, which was destroyed by British Steel in the 70's. They were going to build a huge rolling mill right the way across the peninsula. Fortunately it never happened, but a lot of the earthworks were completed before the project got pulled, hence the road being wiped out. I didn't even know this existed before now. I've only lived here for a year...Need to get out a bit more methinks!


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Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Gosh that shawl is absolutely stunning, Helen! Makes me want to try it immediately.

And you certainly did bring back enough from Coventry, didn't you? I of course was limited to one small carry-on bag (and have suffered with shoulder stiffness ever since), which meant that a folding toothbrush, a tiny sample size toothpaste, and a miniature tube of moisturiser were all that could fit in otherwise! 'Twas worth it though.

Love the inscribed gatestone - from the days when people thought it worth carving things to last!