Sunday, 26 July 2009

WIPs and Chains

Inspired by the lovely Celtic Memory, I decided to have a bit of a crack at the WIPs around here. It was getting a little out-of-hand, to tell you the truth. Unfortunately no pictures, as the weather has been miserable all day, and the only decent spell was while I was busy watching the Hungarian Grand Prix. While we're on the subject, poor Felipe! What a horrid thing to happen, I hope he makes a speedy and complete recovery. After the tragic death of Henry Surtees as well, my condolences to his family. :-( Hard time to be a motorsport fan. And now, after Alonso's wheel took an unscheduled trip down the tarmac, detached from his car, apparently Renault have had a one-race suspension slapped on them. I bet Fernando is delighted with that.

Anyway, sorry, I distract myself. Celtic Memory had an attack on her WIPs recently, and I thought that was a jolly good idea. Whilst visiting the parents, I took the dreaded Must-Have Cardigan with me, and finally managed to finish the back and make a start on one of the fronts. It's only taken me about a year :-) I'm determined to nail this puppy, but I find the cabling gives me elbow-ache so I can only do so much at a time. However, progress is being made. I was so pleased to finish the back, I reverted to a six-year-old:

Mum(watching Coronation Street): "Uhuh."
"MUM! You're not looking. Look! I finished it! Look!"
"Mm, that's nice. How long has it taken you?"
"Shut up."

I also managed to complete the big crocheted blanket that was trying to eat my lounge. I was going for double-bed sized, but realised that it would probably suffocate anyone unfortunate enough to be underneath it, so settled for a generous single size. I even daisy-loomed a few pretty flowers and sewed them on.

I've now picked up the stash blanket, which is knitted in a simple chequerboard pattern (9 knit, 9 purl) and which has a loooong way to go. But you have to have a blanket on the go, don't you? :-) Of course I've also got the Project Spectrum Green Ripple Crocheted Afghan on the go as well. Ahem.

I also took the Hemlock blanket with me down south, and managed another good chunk of that whilst having a rest from the cardi and whilst waiting for Dad to have his eye appointment at the hospital. There's only about another twenty rows to go, plus edging, but of course the rows keep getting longer...By the way, the Manx Loaghtan I'm knitting it in? Just Gorgeous. I wish you could feel it. It's fabulous - dense, woolly, surprisingly soft yet sturdy-feeling. It also smells nice :-) I will definitely need to see about some more of that at some point. A sweater in it would be lovely. I just hope that it's not a fluke - you know, like a vintage year or something, and that Manx sheep always produce such nice wool.

Of course, though I fell over slightly whilst clearing WIPs up, and decided I needed a wee quick-hit garment project, as all I seem to be making at the moment are blankets. So I whipped out a little shrug - this one here. Finished in a couple of days, and busted a couple of stray bought-on-sale balls of Scottish Tweed. It's really nice, and ideal for my office which varies from Arctic to tropical depending on the weather. I think I will make another one, but make it a bit longer in the body and sleeves. I lengthened the sleeves on this one slightly anyway, but I think it would be nice with elbow-length sleeves too. I have four balls of Scottish Tweed in a mid-brown which would be ideal...

Oh and one last thing. I did a little stash enrichment (oh my weeping bank account - next month I'm not going ANYWHERE) and I am going to make myself legwarmers for the winter. Merino Angora ones and funky Noro stripey ones. Oh yes. Ideal commuter knitting I think :-)

oh and PS - I finished the ironing. Alert the media.


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