Saturday, 10 October 2009


Sorry! Have been frantically crafting :-) The craft fair has been delayed by a week due to the hall being unavailable, so that means I've got an extra week to MAKE MORE STUFF! Actually, I probably have more than enough, I'm just tying up loose ends and trying to finish a knitted wrap that has entered some sort of alternate dimension where it never gets any bigger.

Anyway, my house has been looking like this:

Note the chocolate biscuits on the table there. Vital crafting fuel.

So I had to eventually bite the bullet and have a mass tidy up yesterday. A quick trip to the pound shop for plastic storage boxes and most of that mess is now contained. For now.

You see, what really did me in was a wee shopping trip Ange and I took, firstly to Hamilton, and then to Lanark. Stitching Time is a cracking wee shop, just off the main street in Hamilton, and they have lots of lovely stuff. Make your way right to the back of the shop, all the good stuff is back there. They've got some unusual stuff like Lang and Gedifra, alongside the regulars. Good sock yarn selection too. Then we pottered off past every garden centre in Scotland, down the valley to New Lanark, where I fell over and pretty much bought a bag of every colour. Ahem. See?

The box next to it is from the lovely folks at Texere Yarns, and is full of felting yarn and Troon Tweed (appropriately enough) which is DIVINE and I WANTS IT ALL. It whiffs terrible of spinning oil mind.

Not much else to report, winter is on its way so I'm snuggled up in front of the range (which I've been cooking on too, go me!) crafting like mad and trying to avoid the rain.

I did see a submarine heading up the Clyde today, presumably on its way to Faslane. I tried to take a picture, but it was rather misty and I only had my Samsung phone, which is about as much use as a chocolate teapot and will not talk to my PC. So no picture just yet. I was surprised how fast the thing can move!


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