Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I Wonder...

Why do women insist on wearing really high heels that they can't walk in? No problem if you CAN walk in them, but most can't. Please stop it before you break something.

While we're on the subject of shoes -

Why can't people take the labels off their new shoes?

Why do girls INSIST on wearing Uggs or knock-offs of same when they're all squooshed down and knackered and it looks like they're walking around on two broken ankles? It SQUICKS ME OUT.

Why do people who are obviously not well insist on not only coming into the office, but travelling by train? Extra points to the guy sitting next to me earlier this week who blew his nose and I SWEAR some landed on my face. Ewwwwww. Also extra points to the girl with the really wet sniff last week. It's a miracle her sinuses didn't implode.

Why do some women think they look great when they're either a) sporting a Jaffa-coloured tan or b) wearing so much badly-matched make-up that if they turn round too quick their face ends up on the back of their head?

Why do people stop in the middle of pavements with no warning, or change direction at the drop of a hat, then look at you like you're evil when you fall over them and curse at them?

How do people on trains develop the skill of expanding once they sit down? One of these days someone is going to get a knitting needle in the backside.



fillyjonk said...

My personal frustration is the people who stop DEAD in the door of the grocery store as you're going in/out.

It's like, it's not exactly a wide space. I can't go around you. Can you please discover you can't think and walk at the same time somewhere else?

Mia said...

hahahahaha -- great, hilarious vent!