Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Stuff and an Oops

I'm still here :-) and it is still Crazytown in more ways than one. The beloved's father has been in hospital, so we have had all that going on, and he's now coming out the day before the beloved is supposed to come up here for a few days. Sigh. Hopefully all will pan out okay and the father-sort-of-in-law will manage at home again. So there's that.

Work has been crazy, and not all in a good way. Let's just say Odd Things are occuring. Also colleague was sent to another office to cover for a fortnight and it has been INSANE ever since. Meh. Me no likey very much. I'm writing this while waiting for databases to copy to India. Over a very slooooooow connection. Happy days.

I dropped my mobile phone (cell for you Americans) down the toilet today. Well done me. It fell out of my back pocket - I felt it go and then there was a splash...at least the toilet was clean. Eeeewwwww. I fished it out in double-quick time, it's still working but somewhat erratically. I've got it drying in front of a fan heater as we speak. Oops.

Yarny Things
I bought some linen warp yarn from Texere, as I realised that all the lovely cones of stuff I have acquired are useless for warps - they're not strong enough. I scored 10/1nm Connemara linen for £9 a cone. I hadn't quite realised just how fine 10/1 is though - 10,000m / kg. That is fine. Like fishing line. It works out about 50wpi. Gulp. However, doubled it's about right in a 12.5dpi heddle. I'm playing with some just now and it is a BUGGER to deal with and maintain tension. (The warping peg flying off Did Not Help.) However I like it, and I have about 27,000m of it to use up (3 cones - that's not a typo!) I wonder if I could knit it as well? I have won an inkle loom on eBay, so if it ever arrives it might be good for that too as you need a good strong yarn. Might make good weft as well. Pondering.

Next, I have been commissioned to make some Christmas presents by a friend! AAARGH! Actually, not so bad but I'm working with a very chunky yarn and was planning on weaving a scarf and knitting a hat. I'm beginning to think knitting the scarf might be a better option. I've sampled the scarf and, well, I will show it to my friend and see what he thinks. I'm not 100% convinced myself. Hmmm. So I've got that to chew on.

I sold some stuff at the Craft Fair!!! Woohoo! A wee felted bag and a crazy scarf, of course two things that I totally thought would NOT sell. Shows how much I know, huh? So now I could do with making some more stuff as it is the big fair at the end of the month and I'd really like a "cushion" of extra stock.

Still waiting for this database...at least my tea is cooking at the same time as it is Knit Night.

What else? Ah yes, Mum's Xmas pressie is coming on - toe-up socks in one of Lilith's (Old Maiden Aunt) yarns. I'll take a piccy when the first one is done. Dad wants a hat so I need to get on with that.

And now my tea is ready so time to go :-)


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