Friday, 27 November 2009

God's Great Banana Skin

Thanks to Chris Rea for the title inspiration...He's doing a tour next year! Awesome. But I may not be able to go, because I don't know where I will be. Why? I have been placed "at risk of redundancy." Which means, in a nutshell, I am out on my sorry ass if my employers can't find a suitable redeployment for me. Bugger.

I'm not panicking (yet) - I've got craft fairs to focus on (tomorrow and Sunday at West Kilbride! Aargh!) and there's a few weeks before it will all be definite one way or another. So probably the New Year before anything drastic happens. However it is a stinking time of year to try and find anything new, and this recession is still biting Scotland pretty hard. So there's a fair chance I'll end up packing up and moving somewhere else, which is fine and not a problem, but it's just a pain to organise! I guess I'll just have to hire a big van if the necessity arises...


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