Monday, 14 December 2009

Mission Accomplished

The Christmas shopping? She is DONE. Got the 1205 train to Glasgow, and got the 1445 back. That's got to be some sort of record :-)

On the way back I did have a rather odd experience. This guy sat down opposite me and started chatting to me. "Uh-oh" I thought, "Nutter." Weeeeell, I'm not sure if he was. He was certainly odd. He was asking what I did for a living, so I told him I'd been made redundant, and we were talking a bit about the state of the world etc. He seemed really genuinely concerned, and wished me good luck in finding something. Then he was on about how "cut-throat" the corporate world is, and how I was beautiful (!!! boggle), but if I had to carry on in the cut-throat world and commuting and all that, that it would be a bad thing and a shame, and it would make me old and worn-out, and I had everything I needed already. And that "already" means exactly that, when I needed it it would be "all ready and waiting for me." He was very intense - I can normally "read" people very well, but this guy was impossible. His eyes burned while he was talking - like this was something he was really passionate about and that I needed to understand. It felt very much like he knew exactly what I am about. He kept saying things like "Why do you have to work?" and when I replied he was like, "But do you really need that? Do you need to work with the cut-throats for that?" As he got ready to leave I wished him all the best for the future, and he said something like he'd already had his future and he had left all his worries and responsibilities behind. He signed off by again wishing me the very best and shaking my hand. His hand was icy cold.

I'm beginning to wonder if I met a ghost.


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