Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I can feel Startitis coming on. Twitch twitch.

It's because I've nearly done the Xmas stuff. Mum will be the recipient of a woven scarf in Artesano alpaca (warp) with New Lanark weft - I'm pretty pleased with it, I'll photograph it when it's had a wash. Nearly gave me brain damage weaving it though. I'm not really a "one-colour" kinda girl :-)

Dad's woven scarf is progressing - New Lanark warp, with the leftover Manx Loaghtan (from the Hemlock blanket) as weft. I adore this yarn. If I had moneyz to spare I would go buy myself a sweater's worth.

I also managed to put up my Christmas decorations. Just because a) I'm redundant and b) not going to be here on Christmas Day, does not mean I can't have a sparkly tree or two :-) I love Xmas decorations. I have a quite ridiculous collection, but they're mainly somewhere at my Mum's. As I only have tiny trees - one is about 12" high, the other about 2', I don't really have the room to put all the pretties out anyway. One day...

Anyway. Startitis. I am jonesing for a pair of Fiddlehead Mittens. This is one of the few colourwork mitten patterns I really love. Also, my hands are cold.

I really desperately want to knit a pair of these Elf Boots for myself. I mean, really? How CUTE are they?

I need to rip the sleeves on two of my sweaters and reknit them, because my arms are longer than I think they are and I don't like having cold wrists. (And it looks stupid.)

I have a terrible urge to knit myself a complicated colourwork vest, for which I will make up my own patterns. I even have the yarn ready (Scottish Tweed 4-ply and Felted Tweed, which is near-enough a 4-ply whatever Rowan might tell you.)

I want another sweater, possibly in the very lovely Castlemilk Moorit yarn I bought in Coventry.

The February Lady sweater is still floating my boat. I have some nice red lambswool / angora bought on Skye that would do really nicely for this. That Pamela Wynne over at Flint Knits has a lot to answer for.

Laura at Cosmicpluto is going to have to stop with the cute patterns. I love her Honeybee Cardigan. Want me one of those. Her Monday Morning cardigan is full of awesome too. Grrr.

I'm really liking the Boneyard shawl from westknits (Stephen has some really nice stuff on there) and Multnomah.

I want to make pretty much every pair of socks in Cookie A's "Sock Innovation." I also have four balls of Regia ready for some kickass knee socks.

I have the pattern ready (and possibly the yarn) for Ysolda's Liesl. I'm also loving Adeline, Lilith has done a test knit which I've seen in person and it is nommy. I want the Lopi vest from Istex, and pretty much everything that Jane Thornley has ever designed. Especially the Ripenings Shrug. Mmmm.

Oh and there's Faery Ring by Mary Scott Huff (love that pointy hood!)then there's all the lace, a Hap shawl...

And I still need to finish the Must-Have Cardigan.



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