Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Spending Wisely

Go here, and you will find that Casey has made a special search on Ravelry for pattern sales that are benefiting Haiti relief. Most of them are donating 50% or more of the sale price to Médecins sans Frontières and some to the Red Cross. Ysolda is donating 80% of everything sold from her site or Ravelry until January 31st. She's even adding in any of the Twist Collective patterns if you let her know you've bought one. So far, she's been able to donate over £3700. Wow. What she's noticed is that people are buying patterns at an amazing rate instead of waiting till they're ready to start a project, they've been gifting them to each other...I have no words. There are lots of other top designers joining in too - WendyKnits, Miriam Felton, Connie Chang Chinchio, Laura Chau, Cecily Glowik MacDonald, Woolly Wormhead...the list goes on.

Just goes to show what amazing people knitters are, huh? Stephanie is approaching the ONE MILLION DOLLAR mark for MSF. $1,000,000.

I have no words.

Y'all are amazing.


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