Sunday, 31 January 2010

Fed Up on a Sunday

I realised this evening that I am fed up. I'm sure it's a passing phase mind, but just for tonight I am In A Funk. This is because I have things that need finishing which are getting on my wick. I have weaving to do:

10-01-30 Picture 003

but the warp is giving me FITS and I'm not enjoying it much. It's a 10/1 linen warp doubled, which is a bit like fishing line, and I cannot keep it tensioned evenly. One end will be twanging like a guitar string whilst another is sagging sadly. Grrrr. It's supposed to be a rug - the weft is a rough aran wool that I dyed an eternity ago, which is too scratchy for much else. I'll keep ploughing on with it, but it's a "bit-at-a-time" job otherwise I'll take scissors to it :-)

I have plying to do - I spun up some leftover raw Jacob, carded with some BFL, trilobal nylon and a few odds and ends. It was not great fun to spin, and the plying is killing me. I'm using a cone of very very fine "Kash / Seta" (whatever that is) which I had off a car boot sale. It's lovely soft stuff, but it's full of breaks and snaps as soon as look at it. You can't even pull it straight off the cone, you need to unwind it carefully. Aaargh. I'm about halfway. I keep doing a bit more of it but it's nearly as frustrating as the weaving.

I did do some successful spinning though -

10-01-27 Picture 004

This is the single, it's now plied up with another similar bobbin. Handcarded, hand-dyed merino, commercial merino top, some yarn snippets and metallic sparkly bits. I'm slowly piling up the handspun, and I'm going to knit myself a luridly stripy sweater with it. Oh yes.

A note on the hand-dyed merino. I bought 500g of "merino", expecting nice rovings or top. In fact I got what I can only assume are the leftovers from combing, smooshed up into a sort-of roving. The staple is about an inch. If it's merino, I'll eat it. Disappointing. Always check your fibre when you have the chance folks!

Full Moon

10-01-30 Picture 001

Pretty huh? I was fetching in the washing when I spotted it.

The Job Situation
Still sucks ass. Nowt much to report. I'm trying, but I'm not getting very far at the moment. I might end up completely re-doing my CV AGAIN. Only downside is as I use OpenOffice, the formatting seems to go off a bit when you view in Word. Maybe I'll try saving in .RTF format instead. I re-did it on the advice of an HR person, but I'm starting to think she didn't know her backside from her elbow. I have seen a part-time job just up the road, but I'm torn. I could do with the money, but I don't want to shoot myself in the foot for taking a full-time position. Dilemma. I think I might leave it. See how I feel in the morning!

Improving My Mind
Just recently I realised there are an awful lot of classic books I have never read. I have never read Jane Austen for example (I KNOW, I'll surrender my Female Card at the door)so I've been polling the lovely people of the Completely Pointless group on Ravelry for suggestions.

I've now got a list of about 200 books. Eep.

Tomorrow I hit the charity shops in Largs :-)


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