Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Muddying the Waters

Well we had a leak on the water main apparently. This involved someone with a digger making a big hole and me having no water for the day.

When it got switched back on again, it looked like this:

10-02-02 Picture 001

Dude. Chewy.

Anyway it fortunately seems to have recovered today somewhat, which is good as the plumber stated I shouldn't use the shower (in case it clogs) or flush the loo too much, and to watch for things flooding in case the silt jams up an important plumbing bit.

Great. I just love my life sometimes.

So in the midst of all this (the plumber was also "fixing" the range - this involved bunging goop in the hole in the wall and slapping fire cement everywhere...don't get me started) I decided that I was going out. So I went up to Largs to hit the secondhand bookshop and maybe get a coffee in Nardini's.

I never got my coffee, as I went to the bookshop first and this happened:

10-02-02 Picture 003

as well as this:

10-02-02 Picture 004

which I realised was all far to heavy to lug around the shops. So I schlepped it all back to the car, then couldn't be bothered to walk back into town :-)

Today (or yesterday, depending on your calendar and preference!) is Imbolc, so in honour of Brìde I had the candles lit (one of which was scented which I think is what's given me this horrible headache):

10-02-02 Picture 005

and did some ritual sweeping out of the cobwebs ready for Spring. I also had a poke in the garden (and a bit of a clear up) and noted that yes, there are signs of life out there. Subtle, but the climbing hydrangea has new buds, the montbretia is putting on new shoots and so is the fennel. Hooray.

I've done some.

In fact, I have finished my Woven Woods vest, and I've even sewn the button on. I just haven't taken pictures yet. I know, my bad. Next is to sort out the Ravelympics project and try and finish the weaving.

Now I'm going to go drink tea, nurse my headache and ponder where on EARTH I am going to put all of those lovely books.


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