Monday, 15 February 2010

Ravelympics 2010 Update The Second

10-02-15 Picture 001

Progress continues apace. I've not done a huge amount so far today, I've been jobhunting. STILL nothing - what is going on? The few I've seen, the salaries have been an insult. Anyone want a skilled, hard-working Document Controller? Anywhere in the UK, all I ask is a realistic salary. Anyone?

I've got baking to do as well, now the Tesco man has been :-) but I might go and settle on the sofa for an hour first and catch up with some Olympics highlights. Saw some of the figure skating this morning, the Nordic Combined and the biathlon. As it's doing this out here today:

10-02-15 Picture 002

I don't feel too guilty at staying indoors :-)


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