Saturday, 3 April 2010

In which confusion reigns

My life seems to be getting unnecessarily complicated.
This does not amuse me.

As you know, I have until the beginning of May to remove myself from this house. Also as you know, I have a standing invitation to return to the family nest. Which is fine.

Except. I have an interview (HURRAY!) in Glasgow next week. If I get it, I will need to relocate up nearer the city pronto.
I also have a good lead on a position WAAAAY down South. Which would also mean relocating, but to the opposite end of the country. I very much like the look of this particular position, BUT I'm unlikely to know anything definite until well into next week (ruddy Easter.) By which time I might have an offer in Glasgow.

The other problem is that I need to give notice to the council, the electricity board, Sky and BT (oh NOOOO) that I'm moving. BUT I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO YET!!! And ideally, I'm supposed to give a month's notice to all of them. That'll be Tuesday then.

See the dilemmas? COMPLICATED. Aargh. All I can realistically do at the moment is sit and wait and see who wants to offer me a job. My head is mince at the moment :-)

So anyway. In a very successful attempt at distracting myself from OMG I HAVE TO MOVE ALL THIS STUFF AND I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO AAARRGH I have been keeping busy.

I have carried on spinning that fine purply stuff (Bruise). It looks exactly the same as the last bobbin, so I'll not bore you with a picture.

Here's the ate-a-clown-then-threw-up yarn - spun bulky thick-and-thin-ish and plied with a metallic thread:


I did some more carding:



and corespun another crazy batt:


I finished the Crazy Freeformish Cotton Throw, which has been over two years in the making (all the trimmings from darning in the ends went into the previous batt):


That's a not-quite-finished shot, it now has the gaps filled and a wee edging on it. It weighs a ton :-)

There were lambs outside my window one morning:


I started a new project:


Ysolda's Scroll Lace Scarf, from Yarn Forward magazine a wee while back.

Ange and I went to Ayr and bought yarn (and fibre, and jeans, and some new cute T-shirts and a new skirt, oops)



and I spotted an AWESOME sale on sock yarn, and I may have bought two sweater's worth (yes, I am going to knit myself a sweater out of sock yarn):



Mmm, Kaffe Fassett colourways. Nom nom.

And that's it for now :-)


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