Friday, 9 April 2010

in which there is a mild improvement in confusion levels...

Well. That was an interesting week. I got offered the job in Glasgow! Yay me! (Don't ASK about the one down South, what a fuck-up that was and NOT on my part) I now have a pile of forms to fill in, a medical next week at oh-dark-thirty and hopefully that's me for a few months.

So I have decided that for now anyway, I'm not moving house. I'll confirm it all this weekend with the landlords, but I spoke to the main man and he was cool with it, so that's one thing off my plate.

Also to add to the interestingness, I got another call today about another job where they seem to be OMG SUPER KEEN and might want to offer permanent. Which is promising, but we'll have to wait and see.

I have been crocheting and knitting and spinning, but I have no exciting photos so you'll just have to use your imagination. I finished the Scroll Lace scarf. It's still drying but very nice, in Drops Silk-Alpaca, I had to totally re-do the maths as the yarn is much heavier but it's worked well. I spun and plied the Bruise batt, that's also drying but dudes, 325 yards??? Woohoo. I am well pleased with that.

So now I know I will have some moneyz, I can start preparing for Wonderwool! Only another couple of weeks :-) Hopefully lots of spinny things coming my way. At least this time I don't need lots of equipment (well, maybe another wheel but the one I want I don't think will be there) so I won't be weighed down like I was coming back from London...

Not long after there is a machine knitting thing on over in Perth, so I'll probably tootle over there for a look-see. Mmm, cones. Don't ask me about the knitting machine though. It's sitting on a shelf in the lounge looking at me sadly. It really needs a major overhaul, and I just don't have the motivation at the moment.

I'm also starting to think about holidays this year. I didn't go anywhere really last year, so it would be nice to do something this time round. I'm thinking maybe go somewhere with good yarn :-) I'd love to do Shetland, but the ferry scares me too much and the flights are expensive. Maybe I should save up.


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