Saturday, 29 May 2010

Weaving WIPs

Part I is finished, just taking a turn around the washing machine. I used a crazy warp crammed and spaced. I had a lot of problems as I got down the warp with variable tension, but when you're using really random yarns like I did, and at varying setts, that's hardly surprising :-) Also I had trouble beaming it evenly - it's really a four-handed job, and I only have two...and I was naughty and didn't use anything to separate the warp layers on the back beam. Yep, revoke my weaver's card already :-)

I have woven in a hem of plain weave in a nice plain wool, and once it was off the loom, I trimmed the warps down to about 1.5" and then ran the edges through the sewing machine. I love this new machine SO HARD, it has a diamond-y stitch setting which makes a fabulous edge. It behaved itself beautifully as well. The trick now will be to match the other pieces for length :-) Hopefully any differences will be easy to take up in the hemming. That's the plan anyway...

There's quite a lot of handspun in the weft. I spun up 100g of Falkland tops to a super bulky thick and thin on my new toy:


Caroline with her new jumbo flyer fitted. Getting the bobbins in and out is a PITA but otherwise it's fab. I also spun up some Wensleydale, and a couple of batts which I drumcarded. It's made for a nice variety of textures in the weft.

So without further ado, here is some weaving p0rn for you.





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AndiPants said...

I love the odd bits in your weaving like the lace and loosely spun wool. That's such a cool effect!