Monday, 27 September 2010


really is photogenic you know.

Also I may have developed a serious thing for the RetroCam app on Android.


Glasgow Central. I love railway stations at the best of times, and Central is a particularly nice one. The roof is awesome.




Of course, you can't go far wrong with the Botanic Gardens.


and Royal Exchange Square is always picturesque, and a great place to people-watch.

So anyway, to explain, Jules rolled up this weekend for a couple of days. We roamed Glasgow (I walked his legs off hahahaha) did some shopping,(Jules was very patient) wandered the West End, rode the subway and picnicked in the Botanics. I wanted to go to the Necropolis, the photography opportunities are just droolworthy, but SOMEONE didn't get his backside over to my house until nearly 10am. Tut tut.

I realised that I'm growing to really like Glasgow. It's unpretentious and mainly non-touristy, unlike Edinburgh, but there's always stuff going on and something to see. It helps that I'm finally starting to get to know the place (though I still won't drive into the city centre other than on the M8) This trip I saw a group of musicians in Highland dress, and one had a spinning wheel :-) There were also two fabulous steampunk girls on the subway - goggles, cameos, scary contacts, the works. There were also a group of very happy football fans at the station on the way back, singing loud enough to raise the roof...some things will never change...

Sunday we drove out to Loch Lomond, going via Helensburgh and Faslane and up to Tarbert:


Obligatory car pic, somewhere between Faslane and Finnart.

It's actually stunning up past Faslane looking over Gare Loch, but a) there's few places to pull over safely to take photos; b) Jules was driving and c) I didn't want to get shot by the MoD police :-) I didn't see any submarines though *disappointed* but I did see more razor wire in one place than I have ever seen before! We then headed back down the A82 and called in at the Loch Lomond Shores, which kind of knocked me for six a bit. I was expecting a few wee tat shops and coffee and a scone, and found a huge car park, an entire shopping mall, (Jenners! Yay!) food court and an aquarium. The food hall is bloody brilliant btw, and the cake was nice too :-)


The aquarium

We then made the obligatory stop at Nardini's in Largs for meatball baguettes and coffee, and gawped at Scandinavian navy ships pootering about on the Clyde. I need to get some binoculars. Oh and a DSLR with a good zoom lens :-)

All this means I have got next to nothing done of course, but I did iron nearly All The Things today (I ran out of coat hangers) - Bank Holidays have their uses.

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