Monday, 20 September 2010

It's All Parcels, All The Time

My poor postman should get some kind of award. I will have to get him a Christmas present this year I think :-) Well, him and the regular couriers...

So. First up.




Awesome. I love them already. They're from Wingham, made by them to the classic Peter Teal design. I've used them on some BFL and some Hebridean, with very pleasing results:


The Heb I rough-combed, just a couple of passes then pulled off the sliver, whereas the BFL I planked the sliver then re-combed it. It really wants another pass for a true worsted prep, but I'm not that particular at the moment ;-) I am SO pleased with these combs, I can hardly tell you. They even managed to rip into a nasty, tangly bit of Heb and produce something smooth and spinnable and lovely. Recommended. Yes, they're expensive (you ever seen Teal combs for sale?) but they are beautifully made and finished.

I got a new phone! I've finally ventured into smartphone territory, with an HTC Desire (I refuse to go down the Apple black hole) Very pleased with it so far, I'm still exploring all the goodies and clever stuffs. I think it may well be brighter than me. Deepest joy so far is having Google Maps at my fingertips.

I did some tailspinning. Good fun, but SLOOOOW. I think I will do some more then make myself a crazypants sheepy scarf-thing.

Locks waiting for spinning

The finished article

I finally finished the Saori blanket, and it's been pressed into immediate service on my bed! I've been waiting to find the inspiration to sew it together...


Really pleased with it. It's light, warm and very tactile. I need to do some more - I want to make a skirt. Yeah. Wish me luck with that.

Speaking of skirts, I've been on an eBay kick this week and managed to score a GORGEOUS Per Una layered skirt for less than £5, which gave me an enormous happy :-)
And it fits. Yay me!

I've also had a squishy parcel of yarn for another KAL, a gorgeous pair of boots (I will take a picture and shows you) and have orders coming for new slippers, bits for the phone, and replacement earpads for my headphones - I think I have corrosive earholes :-)

I've been making more weavie squares too:


which might become a shawl. Maybe. We'll see.

In other news, I've been watching cricket a lot. Champions League Twenty20, to be exact. Oh cricket, how I love thee, let me count the ways...I'm very out-of-touch with the cricketing world, and have been for a few years now. Ever since Sky Sports got most of it, and I had to be at work all week rather than glued to the sofa at 10.55 on a Thursday, waiting for Richie Benaud's dulcet "Good morning everybody". However I still love cricket, in all forms. It's such a civilised game. I was first introduced to the game by my granddad, who had played in his youth. He called me into the lounge one Saturday and said "You need to watch this. History in the making." He sat me down, and as we watched, he explained the rules and I was hooked. I can even tell you which game. England v India at Lord's, 1990, when Graham Gooch made 333 and 123, still a record for the most runs scored in a single Test match. We spent many happy Saturdays boring the rest of the family to death, Granddad shouting at the batsmen, the umpire, the bowlers, fielders and occasionally the commentators as well. I even skived a day off from school to go with Granddad to watch the Minor Counties play Australia at Stone, one of my best memories. We had a fantastic day, I met Allan Border, David Boon, Shane Warne and Mark Waugh, got all their autographs and watched Border and Boon hefting sixes over the wall of the ground into Lichfield Road :-) It's one thing I miss in Scotland. You can't go out on a Sunday and pass village greens hosting local matches. It's a shame, as it is a fine way to spend a sunny Sunday, sitting under a tree on a boundary somewhere, with a picnic, watching a nice game of cricket.


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Anne said...

My phone is a n HTC Desire too - ditto on the Apple thing!

Love the woven squares..........