Saturday, 29 January 2011

Update time :-)

I finished the Knit a Peak Shawl! I started this at the Jane Thornley workshops last year in Glossop, and finally finished it off. This is intended more as an art piece than a wearable - it's actually turned out a little too small to wear easily anyway. So when I work out the logistics, I'm going to hang it on my lounge wall :-)


I did some more spinning - I finished off a batt from FeltStudioUK, which is gorgeous and sparkly and I want to pet it and call it George; and the last of the Texel / Balwen blend I carded before I moved house.


The Texel / Balwen I think will become an "Iced" from Knitty First Fall 2010. It needs something simple to show the character of the yarn, and I need more cardigans :-) On that topic, my Scottish Tweed sweater is coming on well, once sleeve done, the other past halfway. After that I need to do the neckband and then re-do the bottom hem on a smaller needle to stop it rolling up. Then I will have a nice baggy, cosy sweater to wear! Yay.

That's about it for the fibre front. In other news I did some online shopping for Japanese noms:


I've long been intrigued by Japanese food (apart from sushi, oddly) and finally got round to buying a couple of books - Everyday Harumi and the Just Bento Cookbook - which meant I had to buy some basics! There's a few things I'd never tried before: dashi stock (it's okay, I have to be in a fishy mood though); proper Japanese rice (yum yum); awase miso (teh nom) and some dried bonito fish flakes which I haven't dared open yet...I got some proper noodles and a few other odds and ends too. The jury's still out on nori though. I don't think I like it very much :-( Anyway one of the things I want to do is make my work lunches a bit more interesting (and a bit healthier) so I've been looking at bentos a lot recently. I'm still extremely dubious about rice, which is probably daft as the Japanese have been eating it in bento for a long time and they haven't all died from botulism :-) but otherwise I really like a lot of the ideas. I ordered myself a few cute bento bits and pieces from here (it's really hard to find in the UK) so I'm now stalking the postman.

I ventured to the giant Sainsbury's at Calcot this morning, and managed to get not only my favourite Nairn's oat and choc chip, and mixed spice biscuits (I bought three boxes of each!) but also some cute cookie cutters and heart-shaped silicone muffin cups which should be cute in bento.

On the subject of shopping, there was a very large display of Valentine's stuff. I would just like to say:


Anyway. Ahem.

I promised the guys at work that I would make cinnamon rolls for them, (another reason to hit Sainsbury's today) so I know what I'm doing tomorrow morning :-) and then spending the afternoon cleaning the kitchen no doubt. Well, I know they'll appreciate them, and I've been needing an excuse to make them. Even I can't eat seven pans of rolls to myself. Well, not in one day. If I've timed it right, the two speshul snowflayke guys in the office I'm not keen on won't be there, so no rolls for them :-D Shame. Do not piss off the lady with the baked goods...bwahahahahahaha

Finally, due to the wonders of Ravelry, I got pointed at this video. I can't believe I never saw it before, but it confirms my deep love for Alan Rickman :-)


Why can't I find a man like that???

I'll be in my bunk.



knitty_kat said...

Holly crap - that was from 87? I've always really liked him, not thought of him in that light though.

Enjoy the Jap stuff - looks interesting!

estelle78 said...

Just a thought on displaying your art piece/shawl:
make a triangle with bamboo sticks (you know, like those for holding up plants), attach to the back so you end up with a kite-like thing and rest the "top" one on some hooks on the wall?