Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I've been combing Hebrideans.

I may have overdone it a tad. Ouch. I didn't actually realise at first. I was sitting at work, turned to look at my calendar and thought, "god, my neck and shoulder is a bit stiff." I figured I'd slept badly - I've not been sleeping well these last few nights, it's either the weather or empty bed syndrome ;-) (yes things are going well, thanks for asking, am a very happy bunny) - and I only twigged when I got home and was combing the second batch. Yeah, the SECOND batch. Sometimes I am not the brightest light on the string.

So now, to have a wee break from swinging an English comb, I'm preparing the fleece ready for the combs. This means my lounge floor is covered in fleece. Yay me.

In other spinning news, I got some yak down, and I'm spinning it on the smaller of my Goldings. I'm shooting for a heavy laceweight / 3-ply (light fingering weight) single, approximately. So far it seems to be working, and is actually really nice to work with, even though it is a bit like trying to spin very soft dryer lint.


I rediscovered my shawl-knitting mojo, so I took the Hap shawl to work and I'm working on it at lunchtimes. Only downside is it's so big now that one row takes me the whole of lunch :-)

I actually kind of have startitis at the minute. I'm fighting it off reasonably well, but I might end up caving in. We'll see - I'm trying to clear up some of the WIPs so I can get my needles back...I need to look and see what sizes I'm short of so I can stock up at Woolfest. I really want to make something with my handspun (I'm ignoring the Iced cardi just now, it's still in Sleeve Hell) but I don't know what. I'm spending a fair chunk of knitting time browsing Rav and going "Ooh, shiny!" at things. *sigh*

In fact, I've been feeling really tired and lazy all week. I think I haven't acclimatised to the increased temperature yet - it's been over 20°C here and my arms are already brown :-) Other than a little light cooking, some laundry and a bit of gardening, I feel like I haven't done anything all week. I've been doing longer days too - the Bank Holidays and Royal Wedding nonsense means unpaid time off, which means this blogger trying to squeeze in a few extra hours to make up a little bit.

I need to get my backside into gear for the festival too - I sort of have a plan, but it's rather fluid just now. I have a feeling my spindle supplier might flake, and having the wheel there might be rather awkward. I'm fairly happy on the "teaching knitting" bit, but some samples need making and I need to write up some instructions. I also need to try and sell something while I'm there to cover my costs.

And that's about it, I'm off to my bed!


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