Monday, 9 May 2011

I can't think of a clever title...

Bit behind on the blog, whoops :-)

Well, I've been busy. Quick photo-essay of what we've been up to:



Donnington Castle:


Check out that ceiling!




Vale of the White Horse:


(yes, you can't really see it, I know, but without a helicopter that's the best you'll get)

The Wall of Death:


and Barbecuing All The Things:

001 (3)

Mmm, barbecue.
It's official by the way, I'm no longer single on Facebook. SRS BIZNESS. :-D

Other than that, I've been trying to prepare for the festival (I'm getting there, just need to see if my old Trangia stove still works, and if I can remember how to make it go) I even got a new sleeping bag. Rock and roll. I'm trying to make some "teaching spindles" from toy wheels and chopsticks, which is working a treat apart from the hooks :-( The teeny cuphooks I bought are too big and are splitting the chopstick, so I think I will have to make some from wire. Gah. Also all my Dremel drill bits have disappeared, so I'm crossing my fingers that the ones I just ordered arrive quickly...otherwise fitting the hooks is going to be interesting.

The Iced cardi is coming on, I've done one sleeve and now am getting stuck into the collar, the short rows are all done so now it's just the long slog. I've still got a sleeve to finish, I want to do the collar then try it on and see if the shorter sleeve length I settled on actually works. Also did I mention I hate sleeves?

I've been spinning some more Heb, though I've laid off combing for a bit to let my elbow sort itself out.

I've been taking the Hap shawl into work to try and finish off, I'm now onto the last border stripe before I start the Edging of Doom.


Did you all see Kate Middleton wearing a rather nice green shawl to go shopping?

Top girl. Bet she didn't knit it herself, though she might want to think about a nice indoors hobby, the winters on Anglesey can be fierce :-)

I'm hoping this triggers a bit of a trend for shawls (let's be honest, she's defined wedding dress chic for the next few years) as maybe I'll be able to wear my shawls without feeling like a freak (or a granny) and also get decent shawl pins :-D

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knitty_kat said...

::giggle:: there's a dude in yer pics! OMG! Go girl :)

Looks like you've been having lots of fun