Monday, 23 May 2011

WOOD Festival 2011

a.k.a "When Caroline went on her Holidays":


Quick recap - I was invited to run a Knitting Circle at the festival, and I offered to do a bit of spinning as well. In return, two free tickets. So I bought a new camping stove (Trangia 25, thanks for asking, it's very good), made some spindles, gathered up loads of needles and yarn, bought a new sleeping bag and then we Packed All The Things:


and off we trooped to a field in deepest Oxfordshire. The circle went well, especially on the Sunday, lots of takers (youngest I taught was six) including a couple of guys. Although the venue wasn't brilliantly planned for teaching, we improvised and I think everyone went away happy, clutching little squares of knitting :-)

The beloved was entirely awesome through the whole weekend, though I think his allowance of patience for hippies and folk music is probably used up for the year:


^ lots of hippies

although the Tilley hat helped immensely in retaining his equilibrium:


He even packed up the entire camp and shipped it back to the car single-handed while I was teaching (I still haven't got over that one), and manfully braved the pole-lathe:


Note I was standing well back at this point ;-)

All in all, it was good, definitely a different way of spending a weekend, although we got so little sleep on the Friday night (noisy and FREEZING) we sneaked off home on Saturday night and slept in a proper bed, after a proper shower! I think we're getting old :-D either that, or we need air mattresses and MORE BLANKETS next time. And earplugs...


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