Monday, 22 August 2011

Well this bandwagon rolled past...

and took me with it.

The Beekeeper's Quilt

I spotted it in my Friends feed on Ravelry. I clicked through and though "oh that's cute. Ah, it's sock yarn. I don't have enough sock scraps to make that." and clicked away again. Then I couldn't stop thinking about it. Then I had a thought.


All those single skeins, leftovers and scraps?


And suddenly, I found I have this:



Of course, what it has also led to is more spinning, because I don't have enough / it's not the right colour / it's too thick / it's too thin etc etc etc.

It's fortunate that Steve is remarkably patient in these matters. He's had to put up with hexapuffs being stuck under his nose all weekend and me making delighted squeaking noises at the little puffy marvels.

This could go on for a while. I'll try not to bore you with endless pictures of little squishy hexagons.


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PixieMum said...

Come on now, hexipuffs are addictive. They have taken over so I am behind with my reading, other knitting is abandoned and my blogging is erratic.

71 completed, hundreds to do for an heirloom quilt.