Friday, 23 December 2011

Living Up to the Namesake (again)

Sorry things have been quiet here for a little while, real life had to take over for a bit from the virtual ☺

We moved house! It's been a bit epic, the lights in the kitchen don't work right, it's done nothing but rain since we got here, there's a mouse in the pantry, a pheasant up a tree and mould on the kitchen walls...

but it's totally awesome. See?


It's a mid-nineteenth century mill house, still with the mill attached (we don't actually rent that bit, sadly, but it's empty). No neighbours (YAY) lots of parking, owls living in the garden (tawny owls I think) and a stream running past the front hedge. There's been a mill here since the Domesday Book, which totally turns my crank. That's 1086 AD for those not familiar with British history. Nearly one thousand years. Wow.

Steve now has somewhere to work on the cars without having to run up and down stairs, and he has his mancave which may or may not become a darkroom as well, and I have a Yarn Room. It's not done yet so I'll save photos till it's finished.

There was quite a lot of this:


As the place had been empty for a while there was an awful lot of this (and it's still not done) - to the point where we bought Henry a friend:


and there was a bit of furniture destruction too:


Well, there was nowhere to put it, and it was kind of knackered...

and I promise next post I will show you my new toy!

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knitty_kat said...

It has been a while! I'm glad that you are still posting and hope you had a Very Merry!