Saturday, 14 January 2012

Jan 14th, 2012

Well it's been a fairly hectic few days. Last week a tree came down in the high winds and knocked out the power line, leaving it lying on the public footpath! Fortunately someone noticed and called out SSE, otherwise I probably wouldn't be writing this post...

Unfortunately said tree also took out the phone line, and BT are not nearly as efficient as SSE...eventually someone rolled up and re-strung it so we are back online!

The mice have been running riot. Last night I found they had stolen the yarn from the February Lady Sweater and dragged half of it down the hole. FIGHTING TALK. They'd even nipped it off right by the needles! Cheeky little buggers. This now means there is a large rock over the hole in the lounge floor, and I'm threatening to get a ferret. It's either that or a barn cat, and they're not actually easy to find :-( It's not like you can go to the cat's home and ask for a semi-wild hunting cat...and we can't have a housecat unless Steve suddenly gets over his allergies. Tricky.

Anyway. Last night was the first really cold one since we moved in, and guess what?

The toilet froze up. Srsly. You could not make this sort of stuff up. Eventually we managed to melt it by running hot water down the sink (it goes into the same pipe) and running a radiator full blast in the downstairs bathroom. Let's just say it was backed up rather a lot. Hork.

We did find that we have a fantastic secret garden off the back of our garden today though - it seems to be all private, there's several footpaths and a picnic bench up there, and you can follow the line of the dry mill stream right up past the old sluice and to the dam where it used to come off the stream. I'm guessing it's all part of the estate as there's no sign of it being a public footpath and very little evidence of regular visitors. We went up with the cameras and photographed the hoarfrost.

Speaking of garden, I did have to politely evict a girl today (I saw her friends going back over the fence before I could say anything) - she hopped over the fence and was gawping at the mill. Cheeky bitch. I did point out she was in OUR GARDEN, BY THE WAY and she scuttled off pronto. I do hope the place isn't going to turn into a tourist attraction. If all else fails I shall plant a bunch of spiky shrubs to deter the nosy people.

In all this excitement I have done bugger all knitting. I'll have to get back to you on that one once I have repaired the mouse damage.

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