Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Jan 3rd, 2012

First day back at work, and we awoke to the wind roaring through the trees like an express train and rain hammering against the windows. Win. I dragged my sorry butt into the office and rather wished I hadn't - a sea of "I can't believe we're back at work already" faces greeted me ☺ Working from home is my dream, I tell you.

I managed to sort out an organic veggie box - I went with Abel & Cole in the end, not as "local" as I would have liked but they seemed like a solid, reliable option with the ability to pick and choose what goes in your box. As I am a tiny bit fussy about my veggies this was a bit of a necessity - I'm not sure what I'd do with celeriac for example. Something that tastes like celery? Hmmmmm.....

In House News the mice are still here, but our Cunning Plan™ to put all the tasty noms in unchewable containers seems to be working. We've just got to remember not to leave the plates unscraped at night - I came down to discover the overcooked onion rings had been strewn all over the worktop ☺ not eaten though, maybe mice don't like burned food any more than I do!
We've also got some craziness going on with the electrics - the downstairs lighting circuit keeps fusing, which is fun as we have an old-style fuseboard with big pull fuses. The sort with wire in - you know, the sort of wire you can't find at 9 o'clock at night in the dark ☺ Fortunately Steve has chased up the agents and they're sending in the electricians...

In Fibre News, I have started combing the enormous Shropshire fleece. I carded and spindle-spun some of it, but realised I wasn't enjoying it At All, so I've resorted to the English combs. I'd like a set of mini-combs, as I think they'd be more appropriate for this shortish, Downs-type fleece, but I'm struggling to get a response on one set I was interested in. I might go for the Majacraft two-pitch ones. We'll see - we need a dishwasher more urgently than I need combs ☺

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