Saturday, 18 February 2012

18th Feb 2012

Well, nearly the end of our little "holiday", back to work on Monday *sadface*

I have mainly been shopping ☺ I finally found a couple of names for the kind of clothes that I'm looking for - natural kei (kei = style) and mori girl. Mori means "forest" in Japanese. Forest Girl sounds a lot like me ☺
So Steve was marvellously patient (under the influence of plenty of lattes) and we went shopping.
Winchester was charming, but very busy, and I did find a great little boutique called Anokhi who had some OSSIM clothes. I was fairly restrained (cough) and just came out with a cute Masai Clothing tunic (with huge pockets, win) and some cute cropped trousers with leg pockets. Very La Bass. There was a delicious linen cardi by Sandwich, but £100 was bit rich for my blood - it was a very simple shape in loosely woven linen with a tie front. I reckon I can make one with my handwovens...

Today was Henley-on-Thames, and another score in the form of two great tops from Foam, and a bargain £59 sale coat from Noa Noa. I'm starting to feel like I have a wardrobe! Yay!

Anyway I've been promising to show you my new toy. Here it is:


Diana F+! Here it is all spread out with the booklets:


It takes some pretty darn cool pictures, let me tell you, and is almost impossibly cute.

Lomograph #1

It now has a little friend, in the form of a Recesky DIY twin-lens reflex camera, which uses 35mm film and took Steve an entire afternoon to put together...

That's it on the right, sitting on a vintage Voigtlander that I snagged in a charity shop for £15. The Diana is in the middle, with its tiny keychain version on top ☺ and on the left is Steve's Lubitel.

Recesky pics:




Totally worth it.

We've also done a little photo shoot this week, of a couple of FO's:



and the February Lady Sweater:

(me in best Knitwear Model Pose™)

and tonight I just finished making Nigel Slater's chocolate beetroot cake. Haven't tried it yet...


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knitty_kat said...

OMG! Diane? love them & Holga! Enjoy the new toy. . .I sort of thought it was hard to get film for them?