Monday, 27 February 2012

27th Feb 2012

Well the chocolate beetroot cake was a bit of a wipeout - it worked okay, it was VERY goopy (there's a LOT of eggs in there) and to be honest, it was so rich even Steve The Chocolate Monster found it too much. Oh well. I've discovered that roasted beetroot tastes pretty good, especially if you pour gravy over it ☺

Therefore I don't think we can blame the cake for the Toothache of Doom that the poor manthing is suffering. I just hope the antibiotics kick in soon...
In other news, work is suffering a dose of the suckitude again and I have new glasses (which are making my ears hurt but them's the breaks.) 

Anyway, I have been doing a few crafty things, not as much as I might like but nothing new there.

I managed to sew a project bag:


inspired by the ossim one by Nicsknots you can see in the background. Mine isn't lined though, I wanted to see if the principle worked without doing too much sewing ☺

I finished off some spinning:


BFL Mohair (50/50) I still have a bit left but tbh, I was getting bored and the mohair made my fingers hurt a bit. I've ended up with 388 yards of something approximating a 4-ply / fingering weight, I've not tested the WPI as my gauge has wandered off somewhere (probably with my portable hard drive.) This would make a really nice scarf or cowl, maybe a moebius.

I've made some progress on Steve's hat, but it doesn't really look much different than the last picure. Imagine some more ribbing.

I went fabric-hunting at the weekend, but the fabric shop I was looking for has either disappeared, is invisible or I'm an idiot. I settled on Fabricland, but only came out with some muslin. They mainly have godawful synthetic dancewear fabrics or heavily patterned stuff. They were also packed out with customers so I didn't really get chance to root around. However eBay has hopefully come to the rescue for now, and I think I shall have to go thrifting or travel further afield for alternative supplies. I'm going to probably try stitching up a T-tunic to start with in the muslin, working on the principle that if it sucks it will probably do for a nightie ☺ or dusters...


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