Monday, 2 April 2012

2nd April, 2012

April already! And it's snowing again up North...

Anyway, an unscheduled day off (felt like lightly microwaved death this morning) meant I had three extra much-needed hours of sleep, and got some knitting done. I finished off the Troika shawl (more in another post, no photos yet as the batteries are dead AGAIN in the camera) and so I cast on a new project:


Ishbel. Finally falling down the rabbit hole ☺ To be honest, I can't quite get what all the fuss is, it's just a simple shawl with a lace border, but it's appealing, fairly simple and well-written, which is more than I can say for some patterns I've looked at ☺I wanted something interesting to knit without being too big or complicated, as I'm using my handspun yak which brings its own challenges to the party...


I spun it very lightly on my Golding, and left it as a single. It varies from almost a DK in places to cobweb ☺ but it's soooo soft you can barely feel it. It has drifted apart on me a couple of times on the thicker parts, it's a bit like knitting with a very soft lopi. A quick spit-splice sorts it out, and the twist that's added as I knit seems to be helping keep things under control. I've added a few rows of eyelets to break up the mindless stocking stitch top section, which means my stitch count has wandered off a bit. I'll correct that tomorrow when I can see what I'm doing. The light in the living room sucks, so I've ordered a lamp from Homebase which I'll pick up tomorrow.

One of the (several) reasons I was feeling deathly this morning was that the mice were having a gorram party in the loft last night. The little horrors have been in the pantry AGAIN, and I spent a bunch of time over the weekend repackaging things and chucking out stuff that they'd sunk their little teeth into. I'm trying to convince Steve that a couple of barn cats are the way to go...☺ He's spent this evening up in the loft repairing the damage and putting in a few preventative measures. Hopefully tonight will be a bit more peaceful! I'm wondering if I can convince the little owls living in the shed to come in and thin out the numbers a bit ☺


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