Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Evil Pixies

I don't think I've shared this one with you, and I'm intrigued to know if anyone else has these issues.

I have an evil pixie who follows me around. This EP likes to mess with Stuff, do pesky irritating things, and generally make sure that I live in Interesting Times. The EP has been around as long as I can remember. The earliest tricks it played were the old chestnut, moving things That I Just Put Down, Right Here, Ten Seconds Ago. It still likes to do this on occasion, just for a bit of variety. Another favourite is Let's Play Move The Scissors. I have about ten pairs of scissors lying around the house, evenly distributed. However, when I want a pair of scissors, every single pair will have magically transported to the other end of the house, dammit.

Not content with these little amusements, it has dreamt up some new ones. These include, but are not limited to:

Let's Fill Up The Ironing Basket Endlessly When She's Not Looking
Let's Play Hide All The Clean Underwear In The House, At 7AM When You're In A Hurry
Let's Throw Mysterious Yakky Bits All Over The Clean Kitchen Floor

Even worse, it has discovered the endless wonders of yarn.

Let's Tie A Knot In It, Right Here
Let's Untie That Nice New Skein, And Then Throw It All Around The House Till It Looks Like Spaghetti
Let's Hide One Of The Needles
Let's Play Hide And Seek With The Darning Needle Set
Let's Move The Knitting So All The Stitches Drop Off The Needles, Then Get One Stitch And Unravel It For 27 Rows

I can cope with all of this. Really, I can. However, a line has been crossed, and now it's War.

My beloved, discontinued, can't-get-any-more-anywhere-and-they're-the-best-in-the-world Rotring Pens have been disappeared. Both of them - my .18 and .35mm.

I want them back, Right Now, otherwise there will be Trouble. There may even be Blood. If they're not where they should be by the time I get home, EP, you're going to have a place for a scab. Understand?


Penny said...

I think I've got the Evil Pixie's cousin living here, as I have numerous pairs of small embroidery scissors, but whenever I need one, I have to spend ages searching for them.

Mouse said...

I know just what you mean! I too must have EP in my home, they forever fill my washing basket, i wash & wash, basket is empty and when my back is turned they fill it up again :( Just the same with my knitting too, can't find the right size needles, any size but the ones i want.

Mouse said...

I know just how you feel, i too have EP in my home, they fill my washing basket, the moment my back is turned they fill it to the top again:( Same with my knitting, can't find the right size needles any size but the ones i want.