Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Look! Knitting!

Yes, I have been knitting some, as well as buying infeasibly large amounts of yarn.


The Autumn Shawl is moving on nicely. Lots of mindless garter stitch, but it's quick, easy and feels like it will drape nice and be quite toasty.

The Soul-Sucking Garter Stitch Scarf is completed. Thank the Goddess. Here's another view of it, cos, hey, I know how y'all get excited by garter stitch scarves.

The Crochet Shell Scarf for the Mother-in-Law (Sirdar Blur):

It's now got a fringe and a fancy edge on the ends.

Uncle No.1's Scarf:

and I've started the Granny-in-Law's One-Skein Scarf (Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino):

See? I do knit. However, I Never Want To Knit Another Scarf In My Life. I have a desperate urge to knit a sweater. A nice, cosy, preferably tweedy (thankyou Jared, for turning me into a total tweed-head), plain sweater that will keep me warm at work.

I have a confession. I have been knitting again for, ooh, a year? I have not yet knitted a sweater. Not even a sleeveless one. I am feeling something of a failure, a fake even.

So what am I doing about it? I'm finishing the Xmoose knitting first. More Scarves.

Sometimes, I make myself sick...

PS. You should all (if you haven't already) go read Franklin's blog. I'll wait. This is what is currently keeping me sane at work - he's got a BIG archive to get through, and I'm reading in bite-sized morsels in between having to do some pesky work. I have a soft spot for male knitters. :) Especially ones who are also fabby photographers and cartoonists too.

PPS I crocheted in public! Yay me! Waiting at the optician and the dentist. Got quite a bit done as well, and only two curious looks. Poor husband is nearly £1000 lighter after the trip though - glasses for me and him, and both of us need fillings too. Ack.

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