Monday, 24 December 2007

From our home to yours...

From chez Knotty, a very Merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, Yule or whatever other solstice-related celebration happens in your house.

Christmas Eve got off to an amazingly good start by going into work and being locked out of the office for an hour. Marvellous. We are now in, courtesy of a few text messages, but have no milk and no toilet rolls.

Ah, scratch that, the toilet roll fairy has arrived (Thank Goddess the stores are open today) but still no milk, so I'm on the black coffee. I'm here till lunch, by which time my hair will be standing on end from caffeine overload. :-)

I've a few pictures to share with you all. Here's the charity knitting, for the Mission to Seafarers. I was hoping to get this posted off before Christmas, but wasn't finished quickly enough and I didn't want it tangled up in the madness that is the Christmas post, so they'll be getting it for New Year instead.

I've started a jumper! I'm feeling very excited at this, my very first jumper (I hope it fits...) It's the Macgregor jumper from Rowan Classic Winter (RYC) and it's in the bargain, £1 a ball, RYC Soft Tweed that I got from my LYS along with the pattern book. It's a straightforward bottom-up raglan, but I've already tweaked the pattern to replace the ribbed welt with garter stitch. I don't like the way ribbed welts pull in in the wrong places.

This is the back, I'm about quarter of the way into it:

A quick note on my LYS - they're in Simply Knitting this month! Go look! It's the Knitting Corner at Curborough Farm, Lichfield, and a very nice shop it is too. Call round and say Hi if you're passing. I think they're open again on the 4th January, I'm hoping for a sale... :-)

In other news, I might be joining a stitch'n'bitch! A fellow forum member is trying to organise a group to be based at the BBC Radio Stoke HQ in Hanley (the old Hanley Economic building, opposite the bingo hall) Hopefully it'll be starting in January, I'll post up the details here in case there's anyone interested.

So, to celebrate possibly meeting up with some like-minded fibre folks, I've also started a crochet project. It's top secret at the moment as it may turn out to be a pile of crap. Here's a tiny peek:

Merry Christmas!!!

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