Monday, 24 August 2009

D & G

No, not Dolce and Gabbana - Dumfries and Galloway! I was down that way a couple of weeks ago, and got a few snaps to share.

This is Kippford, and down by the wee harbour there are a few surprises to be found:

This is So Cool. Someone who lives there is a seriously talented artist. Love what they're doing.

Wigtown. This is "Scotland's Book Capital" or something along those lines :-) which means that every other shop is a second-hand bookshop. This means, of course, that I want to move to Wigtown immediately...all it really needs is a yarn shop and it would be perfect :-) I didn't manage to get around all of them, after about halfway I had hit saturation point so it was time to move on.

This is Glenluce Abbey, and when I arrived it was free entry, so get there while you can!

Stretching the Old Legs
There's been a fair bit of walking going on around here recently, and woodcutting too:

There's nothing like free fuel to make you feel extra-toasty. After the electricity bill of doom that I got a month or two back, anything that means I don't have to turn the electric heaters on is a Very Good Thing. Also my two fan heaters have burned out :-) so I'm not going to replace them...I've been out and about, stretching the old knees a bit (ouch) and discovering that my fancyass walking boots are trying their damnedest to sever my feet, starting with my Achilles tendons. I won't be wearing boots for a few days :-( and THOSE boots are going on eBay. Lucky I've got two other pairs to go at!

I also re-learned the lesson of Never Trust The OS Map. Just because it says "FB" (meaning Footbridge, NOT Facebook!) it does not mean that the thing is safe to use...the one I crossed yesterday looked like something out of an Indiana Jones film. All it needed was guys with spears.


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Janet said...

I agree with you about the yarn store/book stores combination. Where ever I go I look for both.