Saturday, 15 August 2009

Going Green

It's all about the green around here. Project Spectrum? Well, I'm still on Phase One really. I think we're up to South and Red by now, but I'm still North and Green. Well, I never was one for following the herd :-)

That's a Romanesco cauliflower! I actually planted it last year, far too late, and I didn't really expect it to do anything. Shows how much I know.

Green fuzzies, for the Green Ripple Afghan. I'm not normally one for the squeaky man-made fibres, but I do like a bit of texture in a ripple blanket.

Oh and look! Look! I finished something!

Yep, a Hemlock. Blocked to 48", which is smaller than I'd hoped but the length of the rounds was driving me batty. Finished with a crochet edge - through 2 stitches, ch 5, rinse and repeat until you go cross-eyed. It will be big enough to keep my feet warm on the sofa this winter I guess :-)


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