Sunday, 6 December 2009

Keeping Busy

This being made redundant thing means I got to spend time working from home. As I have nothing much to do, work-wise, I've been busy round the house.

I've been cleaning out the range and fitting it with some new seals:

(this is what the inside of one of the lids looks like after a couple of weeks - eeewww)

Which resulted in managing to hit a decent temperature for the first time this winter (firing it on coal helps too...) -

I've been doing a little DIY - a loose doorknob meant a quick fix with Araldite and a G-clamp. Inelegant, but effective.

I've been doing some crazy weaving:

using up some of the stash mountain and trying out a mixture of fibres. I'm going to put this through the washer once it's finished, and hopefully there will be some uneven felting and shrinkage.

I've been sorting through some of my patterns and vintage magazines:

and re-organising my shelves.

I started playing with the inkle loom I won on eBay:

It's rather good fun. I can see me getting some use out of this. I have Helene Bress' excellent book on inkles to give me lots of ideas.

I have finished the Craft Fairs for the year, and made a grand total of £47. Wow. IF I had a day job, I don't think I'd be giving it up anytime soon. Oh well, good experience. :-)

I finished the hat and scarf commission - I've not a photo of the finished hat yet, but it is the Watchcap pattern by Elizabeth Zimmermann, worked in doubled Manos del Uruguay. I used the yarn single in warp and weft for weaving the scarf, 5dpi (I think!)

I finished my Noro legwarmers - stripes of Kureyon and Blossom.

I finally finished off my top-down Raglan a couple of weeks back:

and yes, I finished trimming the ends after this shot was taken!

I was lazy and ordered in from Tesco -

whose home delivery service, by the way, knocks Asda into a cocked hat on level of service and sensible use of carrier bags. Way to go Tesco!

Finally it was Yuletide Night in the village, and I may have bought some yarn:

Well, I have to have something to keep me entertained whilst I'm sat around posting my CV on the internet and praying for a miracle ;-)


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Karen said...

Wow! You are very busy! You deserved the beautiful yarn, that's for sure!