Sunday, 29 January 2012

Jan 28th 2012

Well, it's been a bit epic the last couple of weeks, which means not a lot of knitting :-) However I did cave and buy a couple of the Hazel Rose pin looms (the Quilt Weaver) and I've been quietly making squares in between other stuffs. Once it's a little more advanced I'll post up a picture.

So other than making squares, what's been happening? Work has been a bit rough the last few weeks, not sure what's going on but I think politics are involved. Meh. I had a battle with Parcelforce over a delivery, which has now finally been delivered (blinds for the bedroom) and my car was due its MoT (now passed, hurray.)

Remember the frozen toilet? Found out why. I noticed the drain was still overflowing, so a bit of further investigation was required. Popped up the lid and EEEEEWWWWWWW. Fortunately had a flash of brilliance and went and stuck my head in the septic tank. I don't recommend this as a recreational activity by the way. It was full to the brim. Yuk. Fortunately the landlord agreed to pay for it to be emptied, but the drain was still bunged up. So drain rods were purchased and I spent a happy hour rodding it we have a lovely, shiny, free-flowing drain. I never thought I would be so delighted by functional drainage.

The next crisis was the chimney. The sweep had been out and swept the flue, but pointed out the chimney stack was full of potentially flammable crap, at which point he buggered off. So today we unscrewed the plate at the bottom of the chimney and FLOOOOOMP. About 30kg of crap fell out of it. It looks like when they fitted the flue for the stove, no-one bothered sweeping the chimney. Oddly, not only was it full of dust and sticks, there was also a good kilo or so of nails of differing sizes, a bunch of broken glass and pottery, seashells (seriously) and a teaspoon. I think we might have jackdaws :-)

Anyway, we now have a fire! I just need to sort out a supply of logs now. Once I've sorted the car insurance, I'm hoping to finally have some proper knitting time. I have managed to finish the February Lady sweater, I just need to find buttons and darn the ends. I haven't forgotten the hexapuffs either, don't worry!


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knitty_kat said...

I should hope the landlord would empty the septic! That's ridiculous other wise! Sounds like a shaky start to the year for you as well - forget crossing fingers, I'm digging in and making this year better than last :)